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String theory deviations from GR in strong field regime

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    string theory is a scalar-tensor theory of gravity, with higher order corrections. in light of the result discovery of gravitational waves of 2 black holes merging, matching GR in the strong field regime, how much deviation should strong theory differ from GR in the strong field regime and can LIGO detect them?

    if results continue to match GR in the strong field regime and not match up with string theory, how would this affect string as a theory of QG
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    The usual process to generate gravitational waves is part of classical GRT. Currently there is no contribution of quantum gravity to this part. Therefore sring theory is also not able to produce any contribution to this topic. As far as I know scalar-tensor theories do not produce a different output for gravitational waves then GRT. The higher order corrections (in a sense of an effective theory) have more the effect to prevent the singularity (see also http://arxiv.org/abs/1512.08346).
    So currently, the strong field regime cannot decide about the trueness of string theory.
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