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Homework Help: Stuck on simple constant accel. problem

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    1. An antelope moving with constant acceleration covers the distance between two points 70.0 meters apart in 7.00 seconds. It's speed as it passes the second point is 15 m/s.
    A] Find speed at first point. B] What is the acceleration?

    From text University Physics 11th edition question 2.21 page 70
    Eqns of motion with constant acceleration

    3. I have tried but nothing worth posting. I'm stuck on the fact that I cannot find how to use the average Velocity to find the instantaneous Velocity at point 1, Thank you!.
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    You know T, Vx, and (X - X0). One of the four equations will allow to to determine V0x directly.
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    Crap! For some reason I was stuck on having to find the original velocity by finding the limit as time went down to zero.... So I was plugging in 0.01, 0.001 and was getting ridiculous answers. Thank you! I've posted one more problem I cannot seem to get my head around.
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