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Student Left in Cell 5 Days W/O Food or Water by DEA

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    Source: DEA Ignored All My Cries: Student | NBC San Diego

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    He is suing and will likely win. Hopefully a huge sum too. Good.
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    Yes, and the taxpayer will pay. In any remotely fair system, the individuals directly responsible for this atrocity would be sued directly in addition to the government. Moreover, they should be criminally prosecuted for gross dereliction of duty.
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    Totally agree. The government should pay some because they are ultimately responsible, the individuals involved should pay some because they are immediately responsible and said individuals should face criminal charges for grevious bodily harm, kidnapping etc.
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    How is that even possible? When they're bringing around food and drinks, like three times a day, it's not out of the ordinary to deny a prisoner of this basic need? Or to take the prisoner out to the recreation area once a day? And, was there no toilet in the cell? Unbelievable..
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    Maybe they should give him free drugs for life. :devil:
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    It sounds like it may have been a mistake. Like whoever knew he was there, thought he was going to be taken care of by someone else, or something like that. I don't know why anyone would purposely do that.
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    I don't think anyone believes it was deliberate. But such negligence is beyond the pale. Nothing can excuse it. We have laws that guarantee humane treatment to convicted criminals of the worst kind. We have laws about the treatment of animals. This young man wasn't even charged with a crime and yet suffered excruciating agony over four days and nearly died at the hands of the these monumentally incompetent and derelict government employees.
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    That is usually pointless if you are looking for a large payout. People can only pay what they have, and presumably the individuals directly involved were fairly low-grade employees so they are unlikely to have much.

    Agreed. Unlike a civil case (i.e. suing them personally for damages), criminal courts are not limited to financial punishments.
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    Oh, I thought some people thought it was deliberate. Well, in that case, yes, I completely agree with what you said. There's no excuse for it, and he deserves to be compensated with at least a large sum of money. There also needs to be quite a few people losing their jobs and serving some jail time, along with having to pay money to this guy.
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    That's why I said "..in addition to the government." The taxpayers are going to pay as usual. Nevertheless, those involved should pay what they can. Federal employees are well paid for what they do.
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    Hopefully he wins millions. That must have been scary..
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    If his allegations are correct, in addition to the lawsuit the officials involved should be incarcerated for life. If I were not so adamantly opposed to the death penalty, I would say that they should be fried in their own fat.
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    Wow, talk about being careless. The guy's life is scarred because those guys just forgot about him. Most likely they will be fired if anything, but not suprisingly I imagine that it will be alot worse.
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    Hopefully, the young man will never go near drug dealers and try to get high. Might as well, all other young people who read this story.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    I'd be more worried about going near the DEA! :biggrin:

    He said he is going to quit school due to his new perspective on life. My guess is that he won't be needing an education now.
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    Even if he was doing lines of coke he still didn't deserve to be dehydrated to death. Not even murders are sentenced to death in many cases.
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    His past is being unveiled. :biggrin: He is not smart, if he was, he wouldn't have been imprisoned for 5 days without such life necessities.
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    I don't understand your logic >.>
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