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  1. Boltzman Oscillation

    I Question: What happens to absorbed light?

    Suppose I have two apples, one is white and the other is black. Both apples are exactly the same except for their colors. The black apple is darker than the white apple because it absorbs more energy than the white apple, correct? Would that mean that the black apple would have a higher energy...
  2. M

    Non-caloric essential nutrients big vs small animals

    It is true that big animals contain more calories than small animals. However, are the figures for the content of essential nutrients that are not calories different? Such nutrients may be limiting factors and require foraging strategies that would be suboptimal from a simple calory point of...
  3. A

    I Growing food in space - a 3rd concept

    To grow food in space, I have read about two designs of greenhouse. One is a pressurised greenhouse with wide expanses of thickened glass. The other is indoor stacks of shelves with LEDs driven from solar PVs outside. But would this third design work? Have a rotating mirror to focus light into...
  4. jackwhirl

    Are you an egg peeling super-human?

    I've had this question for some time now, and I'd really like to find an answer. What is the best way to peel a hard-boiled egg? I don't consider myself -bad- at peeling eggs. It just seems to be a matter of luck. Sometimes the shell comes off cleanly and easily, and sometimes the eggshell...
  5. X

    Chemistry What to take after BS Chemistry?

    Previously, I am taking Double Major: Chemistry and Chemical Engineering. I have 60 units before but removed the engineering course so now i have 20 units left. This is because of financial reasons and personally I think in my college, most of the professors in chem engineering department...
  6. ZapperZ

    Your Local Cuisine

    I considered posting this in the Food thread, but I think it might be better for it to be in its own separate thread. First of all, let me clarify that I love, LOVE ethnic cuisine and foods that are local to a particular region. I find that I learn a lot about groups of people or the local...
  7. A

    How are food flavors made?

    I'm curious, in many flavors used in food (such as vanilla extract and other "natural flavors"), ethanol is used as a solvent to extract the flavors. Is this ethanol synthetic ethanol, or do companies normally get it from the wine/beer industries?
  8. A

    Does ethanol evaporate in dried food?

    I was wondering, if ethanol is used in a food, as it commonly is with food flavorings (as a solvent), and that food is then dried out such that It is made into a powder or cereal or something, does all the ethanol completely evaporate? I know ethanol is very volatile and has a low boiling...
  9. A

    The Food Thread

    Calling all food lovers and connoisseurs of PF . A thread to post anything and everything about food. Share your favourite recipes, your kind of cuisine and favourite dishes, dining experiences, or even your kitchen antics and fiascos. Let the food fest begin and remember, gluttony is not a...