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Study Commerce/engineering to become an economist?

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    I want to start my dream goal from now because I realised that I have no motivation. The assignments, studying is just looking at me. I really want to always do it but I don't know why, I just feel like it's something pointless to go and study. When it's next to an exam I go crazy trying to study whatever I can. I've done this for two years and it really did drain my scores. I realised this now and want to motivate myself. I thought that the only way I can motivate myself is to want something. And to want something I need to know everything about it. I want to become an economist? Because I'm good in Maths and like the economy... Now that's not enough to motivate myself to keep studying.

    What kind of a job can I get if I be an economist? I am in Tafe Year 11 (higher education). So I have to get good marks in Maths Methods etc.? If I make it to Uni. What must I then do? I heard that I have to study Commerce/engineering to become an economist? If I go good in Uni as well and become an "economist" what will be my pay from the start? And how will I keep growing to be a better economist? Is there like different sections? I heard that my pay will rise if I'm good at my job? Basically I want to know everything about being a (good) economist.. everything about it. Thank you..
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    Re: Economist?

    With just a bachelor? You can get some jobs. A few interesting. However, Higher paying, and most interesting jobs go to PhD graduates in Economics.
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    Re: Economist?

    Thanks for the reply :)

    If anyone else knows about this topic, please reply =) And is reading the economist magazine useful? :)
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