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Study Findings: Diabetes Can be Put into Remission w/ Diet!

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    jim mcnamara

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    Interesting, read it earlier.

    One of the standards for remission/diagnosis of Type II is a normal/abnormal a1c hemoglobin test. The people on the reduced calorie diet reversed a1c values, which is interesting. The clinicians I knew back when all felt that type II was a one way street with no uturns allowed. The reason they gave was that the patients had developed insulin resistance - their own cells no longer responded to insulin messages sent by the pancreas.

    a1c is a marker for long term blood glucose levels. Normal test result is ~4.0 -> 5.6

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    Not to mention that they lowered the number that made you diabetic. I was borderline, then they lowered the number, which suddenly made me diabetic, but I went on a low carb diet which lowered my number which made me pre-diabetic. Then I went on a high carb heart healthy diet which then made me diabetic, so I went back on a low carb diet which made me pre-diabetic again.

    Anyway, my numbers are so borderline, it doesn't really matter. It's like it's a game. For my heart, I've had both a nuclear stress test and a calcium count due to extremely high cholesterol, but most of that is HDL, which they are now saying is not good. My calcium count was so low, I have the arteries of a healthy 13 year old. My doctor was floored, he was so worried and had me worried. I think it has to do with what I eat, the things I eat prevent the cholesterol from forming hard plaque. Probably thanks to my mom, French Mediterranean, she raised me no fat, lots of beans, not much meat, lots of fish.
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    Wow, 850 calories per day. Makes me hangry just thinking about that.

    I'm high risk for type 2 (95% chance) and put pre-diabetes into remission with diet and exercise, mostly exercise. 1200 calories per day is about as low as I can go. The doc is real happy with my moderate weight loss (15 lbs) and improvements in FPG and A1C. My twin has also made great strides as a type 2 through diet and exercise, again mostly exercise.

    Our personal theory is that the human body (at least our two specimens) were not designed to be as sedentary as we had become in modern American life. Exercise is not quite as easy to quantify as calorie intake, but various technologies are making it easier. We both have specific weekly goals set in consultation with are medical advisers. Meeting these goals has brought a level of control that surprised our doctors and won their approval to reducing or eliminating various drugs.
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    jim mcnamara

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    @Evo - the guidelines at NIH are reasonably clear. "cholesterol" is an aggregate number - LDL-C plus HDL-C. Triglycerides are also of interest. Really high HDL-C is a genetic problem, a genetic variant within the gene SCARB1:

    SCARB1 variants do not work the way "normal" SCARB1 works: Normally HDL-C acts to reduce arterial plaque. The variant works the wrong way and increases plaque. Clearly, if your arteries are plaque free your HDL-C is okay. Those numbers are as you know guidelines for physicians, who then interpret data based on their clinical experience. You may see an "NCS" on your personal chart next to a data item. NCS==clinical override, "Not Clinically Significant"
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    jim hardy

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    I too am pre-diabetic. Since cutting out virtually all sugar and most carbohydrates for a year+ my glucose is down fifty points to around 115 . I've dropped thirty pounds to within 5 pounds of my high school weight.
    Not on insulin yet.

    But my arteries seem to clog up. Here's hoping that'll stop too with the diet change.

    Good Luck , Evo !!!

    old jim
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