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Studying Studying a lot, not getting enough sleep

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    sometimes sleep gets in the way of studying for me and i'm not sure if it interferes with my long term remembering of the topic.

    so how about you guys? what you experienced? do you make sure to get your minimum hours of sleep or do you burn the midnight oil and not suffer for it?
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    There were lots of similar topics about getting enough sleep here.

    I guess my minimum is around 5, but it can vary. It all depends on what situation you're in and what you need to do/accomplish. If one is surrounded with dead-lines, one can sometimes preform miracles. :smile:

    Edit: although, it all depends on the person, since some people don't function well while under stress.
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    Sleep doesn't get in the way of studying; but studying gets in the way of sleep. Sleep is a natural part of life. If you don't get enough and really push yourself; your body will make you pay for it during the course of the day. So I'll find it hard to believe that one can study till 3 am and not suffer through the day.

    For me a lack of sleep interferes with my reasoning and short term memory. I know when I've gone too far when I read a paragraph over 12 times and can't remember and comprehend what I'm reading. So if you're tired and sleepy, pushing yourself to study is doing more bad than good. When I'm in a situation like this and I really need to study, I find that taking a 20-30 min nap makes me alert and I can continue studying for another 4 hrs or so.
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    ive read a lot of popular news about how you need a certain amount of sleep for long term recall, does anyone know if there is any truth to that?

    it's called polyphasic sleep and a lot of inventers/scientists have used the method during their most prolific period, edison and newton come to mind.
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    In the military, 4-5 hours of sleep is normal. Anything above 6 hours was considered well rested and oversleeping.

    I was always pushed beyond my limit, physically and mentally. Because my mindset was set like that many years ago, I work overnights from mid-8am, sleep from 9am to 2-3pm and go to classes/whatever I want until work begins again. It's a vicious cycle.
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    If I get less than five hours of sleep, I'm miserable all day. For me, as long as its more than 5 I'm good, but don't talk to me if its less!!!!!
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    You have to sleep -- for me it helps stuff I've been reading 'sink in' overnight.

    I usually try to get at least 7 hours a night.
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    I HATE sleeping. Its just the most horrible feeling imaginable. I prefer to use a few red bulls when necessary.
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    :rofl: I don't think I've heard something like this before, interesting..
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    if there was a drug i could take that allowed me to sleep once a week and have it no affect on my cognition i would take it, in a second.
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    Try to get as much sleep as possible. I dont sleep much during the semester. You get tired, you retain less, your immune system goes down and you get colds that never go away, and after a while you burn out. Now, I really HATE staying up late studying. After 2+ years of late nights every single day, it gets old FAST.
  13. Jun 7, 2007 #12
    I require at least 7 hours of sleep, but I don't mind the occasional 10 hours:biggrin:
  14. Jun 7, 2007 #13
    8 hours is good
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    Uhh, worst feeling imaginable? Can you elaborate?
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    Hard to explain, but simply put, I always feel very sick when I wake up.
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    You should reflect on your nutritional habits, your sleep schedule, exerscise schedule, or current use of any medications. Feeling sick when waking up is not normal. How you feel before you sleep may relate to how you feel when you wake up, too. Any stressful class, maybe?
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    I'm just stressed that i haven't graduated from highschool yet(15 years old). I've mastered the curriculum, yet no one bothers to give me the exaqms to get out. Anyway i'm highjacking this thread.

    I also eat very little.
  19. Jun 8, 2007 #18
    sleep is important. the mind organizes and reviews everything you've learned or observed during the day. i've always found that if i'm stuck on a math problem at night and go to bed, i wake up with a new idea on how to solve it. i think 4 hours is a enough though.
  20. Jun 8, 2007 #19
    I hate sleeping too, because I hate the the feeling I get when I wake up. So I try my best to stay up as long as possible. But the doctor said it's nothing to worry about.
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