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Studying Studying Abroad at Arizona State

  1. Aug 1, 2009 #1
    My university has a partnership with Arizona State university, whereby i can study there for one semester in my third year. I need to pick a suitable program and i'm not really sure what i'll be qualified to take. I'm only interested in doing pure physics, so i'm guessing i'll need to do all the stuff listed in the semester 5 major1 (semester 5 = 1st semester in the 3rd year, right?):

    http://physics.asu.edu/undergraduate/programs/major1 [Broken],

    although i'm not sure how the system works over in the US in terms of having to do extra options (minors?) etc. I'd also like to know how mathematical the courses are? A full on quantum Physics course with very little maths training doesn't sound all that fun. There really isn't all that much course information on the website :/
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    I would imagine that the courses you need to take are those that complete your degree, and not the degree programmes that are in place at the foreign university. Your university will have rules on what will/won't be transferable, but I imagine you should be able to take courses out of the list for semester 5 or semester 7. Remember that third year in the UK system (I'm guessing you're from Britain) is essentially fourth year in the US system.
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    I spoke to my head of department on the phone and he seems fairly clueless. He just told me to 'pick a course you'd find interesting'. I don't think I need to necessarily take the same courses that I would have taken if I had stayed in the UK. Although i'd want to make sure I take all the necessary courses so that I have all the prerequesites for my 4th and 3rd year semester two courses.
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