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Studying for Electromagnetism Final Resources?

  1. Apr 13, 2013 #1
    I'm currently taking first year Electromagnetism and I'm studying for the final, I was wondering if anyone has links to some good resources to help? Currently I'm just rewriting my notes and marking down any concepts I need to look into.
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    I recommend going over the problems on your homework and mid-term exams. Especially those you had trouble with the first time around. Understand the basic concepts from your notes, and perhaps from the text if your course strongly followed a text. For areas you are weak on, and in particular the material since the last exam, doing extra problems can only help. Knowing physics means you can solve problems; solving problems is how you learn physics.

    Also, make sure you are getting adequate sleep. All-nighters just do not work!

    I wish you the best,

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    I second jasonRF, but I also kept a copy of one of those 1000 problems in Electromagnetics books around (REA I think) when I studied for my exams. Interesting rare problems in there that really test your understanding.
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    What level is this? If this is an introductory level class (i.e similar to MIT's 8.02) then there's this huge past exam archive for MIT's 8.02 class which you should find by some googling (if not, PM me). There are past final exams (and midterms) for at least the previous 10 years which should be a great source of practice if you have the time to go through them.
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