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Studying Quantum Field Theory without taking graduate QM?

  1. Apr 26, 2015 #1
    Hello over the summer I would like to study quantum field theory. I took two semesters of undergraduate quantum mechanics using Griffith's textbook. We covered the entire book in those two semesters. I also know my special relativity pretty well. Is that enough to self study quantum field theory rigorously. I also took a class in graduate classical mechanics and know Lagrangian, Hamiltonian formalism pretty well. Furthermore I have lots of experience with canonical perturbation theory.
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    I would look at Sakurai concurrently. If/once you are comfortable with the material in Sakurai, then you should be ready to learn and appreciate QFT. For QFT I would highly recommend the book Quantum Field Theory and the Standard Model.
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    Rigorously? Probably not. You'd be skipping something like two or three classes and building on a foundation that is not particuilarly known for its rigor.
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    If Sakurai might as well be written in Vietnamese for you, as it probably would be if you haven't done a graduate level QM class, I wouldn't recommend it.

    Otherwise, have at it, but it will take *dedication* to master QFT. This is not an easy subject. However, that might not be what you are after. If you just want to learn some of the basics and plan on taking a course later in the subject, you should be fine.
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