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Subatomic cyclone experiment idea

  1. Nov 11, 2009 #1
    I came up with this idea for an experiment involving subatomic particles. I wanted to create a sort of "hurricane" with protons and neutrons. The neutrons would be stationary in the center (i guess you could call it the eye due to the lack of electrical charge) with the protons revolving around the neutrons. I was wondering what the result of this would be?
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    If you place protons (ionized hydrogen atoms) in a strong (vertical) magnetic field, and apply an RF electric field in the horizontal plane (read about cyclotrons and understand equations), the protons will go around in larger and larger circles (acceleration). There will not be any neutrons (they are radioactive) unless you inject them, and even at room temperature, their rms velocity is about 2200 meters per second (derive it). What do you expect will happen and why?
    Bob S
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