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Suggest good articles on Loop Quantum Cosmology

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    plz suggest good articles on Loop Quantum Cosmology

    If you have links of good articles and review papers of Loop Quantum Cosmology plz post here
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    Re: plz suggest good articles on Loop Quantum Cosmology

    If you already have some basic ideas of LQC, good starting lectures are:

    Is loop quantization in cosmology unique?
    Alejandro Corichi, Parampreet Singh

    that can give you a sort of "state of art" in LQC;
    you can also read

    An Introduction to Loop Quantum Gravity Through Cosmology
    Abhay Ashtekar

    that is really good, but it can be a bit obscure if you don't have any knowledge of basic LQG... actually the work in LQC is to use loop technique to quantize cosmological variables, so first you should know how to quantize a system in the loopy manner.
    If you have already done this step, then there is a huge literature, even if it doesn't exist a complete good review: there was a long review by Bojowald, but right now some stuff are dated if you take seriusly the fundamental requests for a good theory, given by Corichi and Singh...

    cheers, F
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    Re: plz suggest good articles on Loop Quantum Cosmology

    One way to get good quantum cosmology papers is to do a Spires search at slac.stanford

    http://www.slac.stanford.edu/spires/find/hep/www?rawcmd=FIND+DK+QUANTUM+COSMOLOGY+AND+DATE+%3E+2006&FORMAT=www&SEQUENCE=citecount%28d%29 [Broken]

    this will give both review papers and research papers. It is ranked by citation count---the first papers on the list are the most highly cited, indicating that other researchers found them most useful.

    I just used the keywords "quantum cosmology", for the search, so it brings up all kinds of quantum cosmology papers, string-inspired as well as LQC. However you will find that the first 20 or so on the list are nearly all Loop, so you already have plenty to choose from.

    EDIT: I DIDN'T SEE FRANCESCA's post when I was writing this. I think it's good advice from an active researcher. It happens that the Spires link here comes up with the Ashtekar "Introduction" paper, indeed it is first on the list! Because often cited. But my search failed to bring up the Corichi Singh paper.

    I see. The Corichi Singh is from May 2008 and the database librarians have not yet identified it and tagged it with the keywords "quantum cosmology". So Spires does not always work perfectly. It can be lagging. This Corichi Singh paper looks very interesting, and likely to have a major influence. It already has 3 cites, by the way, even though it only came out in May and has not been published yet. Here is the abstract:

    Is loop quantization in cosmology unique?
    Alejandro Corichi, Parampreet Singh
    12 pages
    (Submitted on 1 May 2008)

    "We re-examine the process of loop quantization for flat isotropic models in cosmology. In particular, we contrast different inequivalent `loop quantizations' of these simple models through their respective successes and limitations and assess whether they can lead to any viable physical description. We propose three simple requirements which any such admissible quantum model should satisfy: i) independence from any auxiliary structure, such as a fiducial interval/cell introduced to define the phase space when integrating over non-compact manifolds; ii) existence of a well defined classical limit and iii) provide a sensible "Planck scale" where quantum gravitational effects become manifest. We show that even when it may seem that one can have several possible loop quantizations, these physical requirements considerably narrow down the consistent choices. Apart for the so called improved dynamics of LQC, none of the other available inequivalent loop quantizations pass above tests, showing the limitations of lattice refinement models to approximate the homogeneous sector and loop modified quantum geometrodynamics. We conclude that amongst a large class of loop quantizations in isotropic cosmology, there is a unique consistent choice."
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    Re: plz suggest good articles on Loop Quantum Cosmology

    thanks friends...
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