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Suggest New Forum on Environmental Engineering

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    I would like to suggest a new forum to discuss topics like renewable fuels, energy conservation, energy production, electric cars and any other technology being developed in response to climate change.
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    Please show based on previous posting rate on PF that this topic has a reasonable demand to have its own forum.

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    There are plenty of engineering sub forums to cover those areas.
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    Here are recent threads I found that might be suitable for an Environmental Engineering forum. Please note that many of these threads are in general forums or in some cases in rather inappropriate forums. I was rather surprised that electric cars were being discussed in Computing & Technology forum and the Politics & World Affairs. The algae thread is up to 400 posts in the Climate forum and most of it concerns making fuel from algae, which isn't really climate science.

    Algae to the rescue
    Paint your roof white to reduce global warming
    About Windmill Energy
    Cow dung to power more Dutch homes
    A Future Energy Alternative?
    eletricity versus oil energy
    Running a Car on Hydrogen Made from Water
    Solar Future?
    Methane as a fuel source
    Charge electric car from dryer plug?
    Fuel saving thread
    Forget electric cars, what about try to design photonic cars?
    Yes, cars can run on water
    Electric vehicles to pay for detroit bailout?
    Kinetic Energy Recovery Systems (KERS)
    Chevy Volt's "230 mpg"?
    Hybrid rebates give scant improvements
    energy storage alternative?
    Why water turbine have higher efficiency then steam turbine?
    Biofuel Blend Limits
    The difference between glucose sensor & glucose based biofuel cell
    Heating water with a wind turbine
    add a wind turbine to a car?
    Wind turbine Project
    Vertical Axis Wind Turbines
    Alternator for Low Wind Speed Wind Turbine.
    Confused about Vertical Windmills
    Ways a Car can be More Efficient?
    Windmill power generation problem
    Generator types in wind turbines
    Design of Photovoltaic pumping system
    Brayton cycle solar generation.
    Can Artificial Photosynthesis be a Fossil Fuel Alternative?
    Solar hot water system
    How to cash in on the renewable energy boom​
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    The algae thread was a member that was considering making biofuel from algae.
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    I know, I've posted in that thread. It would be nice to be able to discuss raising algae without the climate forum restrictions.
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    We don't have a Climate forum. We have an Earth [science] forum which happens to be dominated by arguments about global warming. :rolleyes:
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    Sorry, my mistake. I meant the Earth forum.
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