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In summary, the speaker has a passion for chemistry, particularly analytical and organic chemistry. They are struggling with math and need to take certain math classes to graduate in 2 years with an AS degree. They are willing to hire a tutor and use online resources to accelerate their learning. They are seeking advice on what areas of math to focus on for their ultimate goal of a master's degree in chemistry. The speaker is recommended to use Paul's Online Math Notes and Khan Academy for resources and to focus on calculus for a strong foundation in math.
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I have an absolute love for chemistry particleurly analytical and organic. my problem is I'm not the greatest when it comes to math as i never was granted the opertunity for higher level math classes in grad school. I'm the first in my family to actually graduate high school. I tested into math 85 which is intro to alegbra its not very difficult and this is my first quarter at my community college i really want to graduate in 2 years with an AS to continue my education the prereqs are math 152 and 153 calc II & III. If i take math class after math class my goal will not be acheived in the time frame desired. I'm willing to hire a private tutor along with support of freinds with extensive skills with regards to higher level mathematics. So i have to study a lot but it will be primarily indepedantly where should i go resource wise to acquire this knowledge at an excellerated pace. what fields of mathematics should i not skim and thouroughly explore in regards to my ultimate goal a masters in either organic or analytical. This is a general question i really would appreciate as much help as i can get... Thank you(:
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Paul's Online Math Notes are a good resource and cover the material required:

You can go as fast as you want; just be sure to work the problems!
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Khan Academy is also good:

Work out the problems at your own pace, have your private tutor look over your work, etc.

For Organic Chemistry there isn't much math at all, it's mostly memorization and conceptual.
For Analytical Chemistry, I am not entirely sure, since I'm not a chemistry major. I have friends that are though and they say that it's math based, so perhaps a good depth of Algebra / Calculus would be beneficial.

As for your math question regarding what to study thoroughly, I'd say calculus. Calculus is important in many math/science related classes.

What is the purpose of testing into higher math classes?

The purpose of testing into higher math classes is to accurately place students in courses that match their skill level and ensure they are challenged and engaged in their mathematics education.

How do schools typically determine which students should take higher math classes?

Schools typically use a combination of factors, such as grades, standardized test scores, and teacher recommendations, to determine which students should take higher math classes. However, some schools also offer placement exams specifically designed for this purpose.

What types of questions can be expected on a placement exam for higher math classes?

Placement exams for higher math classes typically cover a range of topics from the lower level math courses, such as algebra, geometry, and trigonometry. They may also include advanced concepts from the specific higher level math course being tested into.

Can a student prepare for a placement exam for higher math classes?

Yes, students can prepare for a placement exam by reviewing material from their previous math courses, practicing sample problems, and seeking help from their current math teacher or a tutor. However, it is important to note that the purpose of these exams is to accurately assess a student's current skill level, so cramming or memorizing material may not be as effective as truly understanding the concepts.

Are placement exams the only way to test into higher math classes?

No, placement exams are not the only way to test into higher math classes. Some schools may also offer other options such as a portfolio review or a teacher evaluation. Additionally, students can also speak with their current math teacher or school counselor to discuss their interest in taking a higher level math course.

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