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Suicidal/depressed for more than a year

  1. Jan 19, 2006 #1
    so as you guys already know, i'm mentally ill ... I have been suicidal/depressed for more than a year (and i'm still alive wow!)
    I'm also epileptic ... and I have several physical problems as well, but I would rather not discuss them on here
    but hey i'm not about to die or anything .... (unless i kill myself.. and i have no guts for that)

    my studies got affected due to it, and I had to retake several courses coz I had to withdraw from them and stuff like that

    in order to be able to graduate within 4 years, I will have to take lots and lots of classes over summer and tons of courses both semesters next year, so my life might be a hell ... but hey, maybe it wont be that bad ...
    there are two losses with this though ...
    1) I wont be able to minor in physics (ouch!)
    2) How will i able to do internship?!

    Now I might take another semester and be able to do internship and minor in physics ... the problems with that ... considering I'm not doing double major or anything

    1) disgrace - to family and i'm gonna feel really stupid too, considering most of my friends will graduate in time or even a semester early :/
    2) grad schools may look down upon it
    3) i may never be able to get over it that I let my studies got affected

    Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!!!
    Thank you!
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    Gosh, I'm not even qualified to give advice to those who are not mentally ill. All I can suggest is: don't ask a bunch of online strangers. Get professional help for your condition. If you can solve this then you will only have the same regular insurmountable problems as the rest of us and maybe we can make useable suggestions on that. Oh, and good luck.
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    1) I don't know how much pressure your family puts on you to be successful in their eyes, but (at least in the U.S.) the average degree takes about 4.5 years, last I heard according to http://nces.ed.gov/fastfacts/display.asp?id=40" [Broken]. So taking an extra semester isn't going to make you look stupid. Plus, anyone who completes a minor in physics could hardly be called stupid.
    2) Since the average time is 55 months, grad schools (again in the U.S.) probably won't look down on it. They're more interested in grades, GRE scores, letters of reference, etc. I took almost 8 years total to complete my double major and still was accepted to several grad schools.
    3) Only you can say whether you'll get over it, but most people do. I went through a rather painful divorce right after transferring to UCLA. I couldn't concentrate, so had to drop the 2nd quarter entirely and only took 1 class the following quarter that first year. Yes, I did have to make up that time and ended up taking 5 classes the first 2 quarters of my final year, and 6 the last quarter. Believe it or not, not only did it take my mind off both the divorce and the preoccupation with having dropped those 2 quarters, my best grades came from that last year.
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    You're probably going to school for yourself, not your family, so if it takes a bit longer to pursue what you really want, go for it. It's going to take me a year longer to finish my 4 year degree because I just switched into another program. And there are a LOT of others who don't finish "in time". :)
    I highly doubt grad schools will look down on you taking a little extra time to finish, like daveb said they're concerned with other things.

    good luck!
  6. Jan 23, 2006 #5
    do you guys think there are good internships available only for part of the summer?
  7. Jan 23, 2006 #6
    hey dont stress ursellf!!!!

    go to school partime n take it easy!!
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