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Summer before grad school at grad school?

  1. Jan 6, 2010 #1
    I'm looking at (physics) grad schools "ranked" between 10 and 40. How common is it to start working at grad school in some capacity (TA, RA, etc.) over the summer before classes start?

    I could stay at my undergrad institution this summer and keep doing (paid) research. But that would require signing a sub-lease for an apartment, and then I wouldn't be able to go to grad school over the summer if I were offered a job as a TA or RA. Alternatively, I could not sign any sub-leases and keep my options open, but then my fiancee and I might have real trouble finding an apartment in time. What do you suggest?

    Thanks a lot....
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    It depends on the school. I had one friend who started her research work in the summer (MIT). Another friend was around all summer (BU). You may just want to call up and ask the different places that you're applying to.

    Do you have a good relationship with your landlord? If so, call him or her up and see about working out something that won't leave you homeless if the deal doesn't happen. My landlord allows monthly extensions, but wants two months notice.
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