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Superconductor dark matter detection?

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    Sorry - a very vague question:

    Could a superconductor be used to detect dark matter?

    The dark matter might interact with electrons in the superconductor giving them some momentum.

    These moving electrons would constitute a supercurrent which could be measured - maybe!

    Perhaps the interaction with the dark matter would break the "Cooper pairs" and so destroy a supercurrent. Maybe that could be the basis of a detection method instead?
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    Superconductors can help in dark matter searches, but not in the way you describe it - you have electrons with non-zero momentum in every material (and no way to see individual electrons with small momenta), it does not matter if it is a superconductor or not.
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    Perhaps one could accurately measure the supercurrent in a superconducting loop by measuring the magnetic field around it using a SQUID. Apparently they are accurate to a magnetic flux quantum ##h/e##.
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