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Supergravity = local SUSY or gravity mediation?

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    in some texts, the term supergravity refers to locallized supersymmetry but most of the times, I have the impression that it refers to gravity mediated supersymmetry breaking (i.e. higher dimensional terms in the kahler- and superpotential that are suppressed by powers of the planck mass).

    What is the connection between the two?

    Is the breaking of local supersymmetry necessarily mediated by gravity (or could we have local supersymmetry with, for example, GMSB)?
    If we chose gravity as the messenger sector, do we necessarily have to locallize our SUSY transformations?

    Or are local SUSY and gravity mediation two totally different things that just happen to both be called "supergravity"?

    Thanks a lot!
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    Ben Niehoff

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    I have only heard "supergravity" used to refer to a theory with local SUSY (which then necessarily has a graviton as a superpartner to its N gravitini).

    SUSY can be broken in many ways, I suppose, and I am not familiar with most of them.
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