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Susy is a feminine given name, sometimes a short form (hypocorism) of Susan, Susanne, Susannah, etc.

Susy may refer to:

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  1. A

    Simplified SUSY models with different mixing cases

    Hi Probably a bit technical, but here it is. I am trying to construct some simplfied SUSY models (that is, you only tune the masses of the core process, while all the rest are decoupled), and I would like to play with different mixing scenarios for the neutralino and charginos, so to get a...
  2. Z

    Commutation relations in SUSY

    I hope I put this in the correct section of this forum, I apologize if I didn't. Homework Statement :[/B] It is well known that the generators $$ Q_\alpha = \frac{\partial}{\partial \theta^\alpha} - i \sigma^\mu_{\alpha \dot \beta} \bar{\theta}^\dot{\beta} \partial_\mu $$ and $$...
  3. M

    Why does a SUSY Lagrangian only contain F and D terms?

    I'm reading a book on AdS/CFT by Ammon and Erdmenger and chapter 3 covers supersymmetry. This isn't my first look at SUSY but it's my first in depth look to really try to understand it, and when they talk about constructing a Lagrangian for ##\mathcal{N}=1## chiral superfields they write the...
  4. ohwilleke

    I Is there new LHC data on coupling constant running?

    Question Has the LHC released any papers or reports on the observed running of any of the three Standard Model coupling constants with energy scale from either Run-1 or Run-2 data (or both data sets)? Last time I looked I couldn't find any data As of January 2014, I had not locate any papers...
  5. ohwilleke

    I BSM conference '17 notes

    This 54 page review article from a September 2017 conference in Portugal is a good starting point for people wanting an overall summary of the state of BSM physics theories that is reasonably up to date, and may suggest questions about specific theories that deserve more attention in this forum...
  6. ohwilleke

    I Is there a fine structure constant running anomaly?

    Background The chart above, via Lubos Motl's blog which is standard in any textbook talking about supersymmetry, illustrates the running of the the inverse of the Standard Model (SM) and Minimal Supersymmetric Model (MSSM) coupling constants with energy scale for the electromagnetic force...
  7. Ken Gallock

    Clifford algebra in higher dimensions

    Homework Statement Consider gamma matrices ##\gamma^0, \gamma^1, \gamma^2, \gamma^3## in 4-dimension. These gamma matrices satisfy the anti-commutation relation $$ \{ \gamma^\mu , \gamma^\nu \}=2\eta^{\mu \nu}.~~~(\eta^{\mu\nu}=diag(+1,-1,-1,-1)) $$ Define ##\Gamma^{0\pm}, \Gamma^{1\pm}## as...
  8. K

    Scientific implications of latest LHC SUSY beauty quark LHC Keeps Bruising 'Difficult to Kill' Supersymmetry Previous attempts at measuring the beauty quark's rare transformation into a so-called "up quark" had yielded conflicting results. That prompted...
  9. E

    Link between CP violation and supersymmetry?

    I have been looking in SUSY and have seen that the CP violation of B mesons into two muons is one of the key facts that has cast further doubt over SUSY. I don t really understand how the CP violation of B mesons is a sign of SUSY issues, so if you are able to clear this up for me that would be...