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Suppose gravitons do leak into Calabai Yau spaces

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    Suppose gravitons do leak into Calabai Yau spaces thereby dragging 3 dimensional space in with them and suppose in the absence of gravitons Calabai Yau space just naturally leaks into 3 dimensional space. The dragging of 3 dimensional space into Calabau Yau spaces would decrease the distance between objects (gravitational attraction) and the leaking of Calabai Yau space into 3 dimensional space would increase distance between objects such as galaxies (expansion of space).
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    OK you seem to be stuck on Calabai Yau metrics, in that you are trying to work it into current cosmology applications. Nothing particularly wrong with that in and of itself. After all its always good to explore alternate possibilities. However this forum does have some strict rules on personal theories. Also as your title states "cart before the horse" perfectly describes the approach your using.
    I would if I was in your shoes, study what is commonly accepted in current cosmology first,

    the cosmology101 link in my signature has a few articles to get you started. However I would also recommend buying a copy of either "Modern Cosmology" by Scott Dodelson or "Introductory of Cosmology" by Barbera Ryden.

    Both books are excellent the first one deals more with perturbation theory aspects, the second book has one of the best geometry coverages of the FLRW metrics.

    Learn what is commonly accepted first, then study what is involved in Calabai Yau metrics and what it really means. Instead of trying to individually fit your own conjectures into a specific model.
    For one thing string theory deals primarily with the quantum level. This includes the Calabai Yau model. However if shown to be accurate and true can have implications on the macroscopic universe

    I would ALSO spend some time gathering a good understanding of string theory as well as the Calabia Yau model.

    here is one article that may help in that regard by Brian Greene


    but other good articles include
    www.cirm.univ-mrs.fr/videos/2006/exposes/17w1/Ginzburg.pdf [Broken]

    Once you understand the metrics involved, it will be easier for us to specifically help you
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    For the record, it's Calabi. The idea that gravity "leaks" out of our large 3-dimensional space into extra dimensions, thereby weakening the coupling strength relative to the other forces was popularized via the ADD model which, if I recall correctly, did not consider Calabi-Yau spaces specifically. Another approach to make use of this concept is the Randall-Sundrum model, which employs an infinite 5th dimension in a strongly warped geometry.
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    Interesting you should mention ADD, brian. The same thought struck me.
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    what does ADD stand for?
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    I've read of the idea of gravity leaking...never space though....is leaky space
    associated with any models??.
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    Hello Keepit,

    I doubt Gravitons will ever be found my friend. I fear that many clever people are banging their heads against the wall trying to explain eccentric old gravity. What if one of the big thinkers took the wrong fork in the road decades ago and accidentaly gave us all a bum steer.
    It seems to me that everyone these days is grasping at wackier and wackier ideas in order to make stuff fit. It may be that it is way simpler than M-theory etc.
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    In thinking further, it occurred to me Calabi Yau spaces I have seen as geometric characteristics of space have been in string theory as the compactified fixed background extra dimensional space.
    ....One picks a fixed space and then determines if particle energy vibrations [particle characteristics [ like mass and charge] we recognize emerge....the main weakness of string theory is the lack of a dynamic background spacetime....it remains static...no such thing as 'leaking'.....

    So unless somebody posts as mainstream reference I suspect the original post is personal speculation...not allowed here.
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    I was just asking a question.
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    No, you were speculating, as you have done in other threads. A "what if" is a speculative question. It would serve you well on this forum to understand the difference since speculation is frowned on (see the forum rules --- only recognized mainstream science is discussed here. There are lots of forums on the internet where you can speculate to your heart's content. This isn't one of them.)
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    OK, i can see where that might sound lke speculating but i'm not speculating.
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    Can gravitons pull on space or do they only pull on mass? Where does frame dragging fit into your assertion that space is not pulled upon?
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    Closed, pending moderation.

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