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Surface cut function in matlab?

  1. Oct 28, 2007 #1
    there're functions in matlab to plot a 2-D matrix as a surface.
    not supposing the surface is like a paraboloid, is there a function to cut it at a particular plane to observe the contour?
    any suggestions for the same would be appreciated.
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    Dr Transport

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    If you have a matrix and are plotting in 3-d, just plot the rows you wish to see in 2-d. It is the same as a planar cut.
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    well, actually not all points on a planar cut belong to the same row of the matrix..
    i hope u get what i mean. the resultant structure takes a definite shape like a paraboloid for example but the contours when viewed from the bottom arent circles.
    is this too complicated for a planar cut in a desired direction?
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    Dr Transport

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    OK, I see what you need. I would try to do a 2-d interpolation, then plot the points you want to look at i.e. [itex] z_i =f(x_i,y_i) [/itex]. You should be able to get the cut you want.
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    how do u do the 2-d interpolation?
    actually, to be more clear what i need is a 2-d projection(x-y projection) of the 3-d surface, with contours corresponding to same z(height).
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