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Surface recombination velocity of electron

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    at the metal semiconductor contact the transport of minority carriers is describe by surface recombination velocity, what s the surface recombination velocity for electron and hole at the same contact?
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    I'm not entirely certain that I understand the meaning of "recombination velocity" but if you mean what is the velocity of charge carriers that are recombining then it would be the Fermi velocity.
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    It has nothing to do with Fermi velocity. And Fermi velocity has nothing to do with recombination either...
    To the OP: The surface recombination velocity depends on the details of the contact. Usually electron and hole velocities are different depending on the type of contact, and the materials involved.

    For instance, a ferromagnet contact will make it harder for the minority spins to recombine at the surface...

    Usually though, transport is well described by either holes or electrons, ambipolar transport (where both hole and electron conduction happen at the same time) being a rare phenomenon.

    Most of the time, since noone exactly knows the details of the contact, experimental benchmarking is the way to go if you are trying to get a number or do an analysis.
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