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Medical Surgery [Bankart Lesion] - I'm screwed

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    So basically, I got a Bankart Lesion tear about half a year ago and I finally got the MRI results yesterday after repeating having my shoulder pull out of the socket while playing sports. Basically, repeatedly dislocations. The injury was to the Labrum. I've been resting it for about two months now (stopped all sports) and it doesn't hurt a whole lot anymore but there is discomfort in certain positions.

    I'm only 17 so this is a big decision for me. The hospital doctor said that there's a really good chance of recurrence of the dislocations at my age and that he said surgery was the only way to have it healed. I asked him the success rate of the surgery, he said it was about 80%. And stuff like infections and bleeding can also occur.

    My question is should I go with the surgery at this age?
    And how often do these type of surgeries go bad?
    Lastly, will I be COMPLETELY healed?

    I would have asked the doctor there but he seemed quite busy so I didn't want to piss off the rest of the people there waiting. :( Thank you. In case anyone didn't know what that is: http://www.google.ca/#hl=en&q=bankart&meta=&fp=1&cad=b The first few links are useful.
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    This is a bad idea. Not the surgery necessarily, but asking us here. Call your doctor and say you still have some concerns about the surgery and want to talk to him. Alternatively, call another doctor and get a second opinion. Major medical decisions in your life should be made with the advice of qualified professionals, not a bunch of yahoos on the internet with google as their primary source
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    Sorry to hear about it, Anakin.

    I dislocated my shoulder when I was about 13, and it seemed to heal well. Then as a young adult, it dislocated again...then it started dislocating more and more. Finally, it would slip out just by flipping a light switch. No, you never "get used to" the pain even after several times, it's horrible each time (worse than childbirth, and much scarier).

    So I had the surgery. Not sure if it was the same one you are considering. But it came out great. Big, big caveat: rehab! You must work hard at physical therapy - it determines the success of the procedure.

    But my repeated dislocations forced my decision. You need to make your decision with your doctor.

    You should consult another doctor, maybe. If he wasn't open to answering questions, find another one who is.
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    Thanks for the input guys. Yeah, I'm really scared about this. I mean I love sports and stuff and if this doesn't go well, I may be screwed for life. :S

    I likely will go for ANOTHER MRI and see if any healing occurred or not, even though the doctor said it wouldn't.

    Lisab, glad to hear your surgery went well. :)
    Is your shoulder back to 100% now? And how bad is the surgery mark? Lastly, what was the name of the surgery? Just curious.
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    Yikes...you know I really don't remember. And I say "yikes" because just thinking about it made me realize it was about 20 years ago...whew.

    The surgery permanently restricted my range of motion. But I can still swim well (that's how I first dislocated it, btw, in a swim race). I can even do butterfly...but to be honest I don't dare go over about 75% maximum with that stroke.

    The only activity that I really noticed an effect: when I was in college I took martial arts. We'd do holds where you twist a joint until the person would give...I'd have to tap out of shoulder holds on my right side really, really early.

    But you really need a second, more in-depth opinion.
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    Oh boy. I really hope I don't end up having any restrictions on the motion. Especially at this age.

    And you're right, I'll try to get a second medical opinion this week from another doctor. Thanks.
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    Repeatedly reinjuring the same site is just as likely (if not moreso) to restrict range of motion long-term as the surgical repair. Once it's repaired, follow instructions on when and how much to use it and following the physical therapy regimen prescribed.

    I also thoroughly agree on a second opinion from a doctor more willing to take time to answer your questions. I would never go into surgery with a doctor who won't explain what's going on or why or what should be expected after the surgery in your particular case.
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    Hey buddy don't worry you aren't screwed. I had a bankart repair two weeks ago. Like you I am young and play a ton of sports, I hurt it playing baseball. Anyways my surgeon was very good at explaining everything to me. There is no guarantee that I won't re-injure myself but it will stop it from dislocating all the time. He said the surgery went very well and if everything goes well with rehab I can expect a full recovery.

    I also had a tear in my labrum but my main tear was my glenohumeral ligaments it was a fairly serious tear but he thinks everything will go fine.

    If you have any questions let me know.
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    Lisab is right. If you do get surgery, do everything they tell you in physical therapy. I and several family members have had various orthopedic procedures and the PT can make the difference. Good luck.
  11. Dec 8, 2011 #10
    Hi Im screwed
    I had my surgery 7 weeks ago to the day.. To let you know off hand the pain is terrible.. The worst I have ever felt.. I am 33 years old, when I had my first dislocation I was 20 when the DR at the time explained the procedure she did it in a negative way. So I waited 13 years, during those years my shoulder got worse the dislocations were frequent and PAINFUL. I saw my ortho he explained the procedure and the recovery time which for me was a good 8 months for others it can range from 6 to 12 months depending.. After surgery my ortho came in he said my should was worse then what he though seeing I had waited I had rubbed away all my cartlidge that protected the inside of my bone. I had wore away 25 % of my actual bone. He took a metal hook and stretched over my cartlidge to cover the exsposed bone and fixed both of my Labrium tears. He said out of a 1-10 mine was an 8 as far as serverity goes. When I woke up I was fine went home my whole arm was numb once the numbing sinsation wore off DAMN.. I have delt with alot of pain in my life including child birth 3 times, many surgeries but nothing like this.. It felt as if someone was chissiling at my should and arm with a ice pick. However, as time 7 wks have passed the pain is still present not as bad Im still not sleeping through the night the Physical therapy is hard.. You have to be dedicated and suffer through the pain. It does in time get better.. My ortho has had YEARS of exsperience even on major football players he was the best.. Search around.. Best of Luck :)
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