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Susskind about QM - Reversed Time - Experiment?

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    I had a look at Susskinds explanation about QM and this is pretty strange from my point of view.


    Around minute 36.

    He says that if there is no measurement after the electron/photon/whatever is going trough the slit and if you would reverse time the whatever would come back to the emitter. From a theoretical point this may be but isn't this just an unprovable statement?

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    Sure - but physicists do thought experiments like that all the time.

    Make of them what you will.

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    Hey Bill,

    This is not a "Thought Experiment", this is something what you predict to be true or possible. Those thought experiments make sense like Einstein did because it is provable. To say that the inversion of time would lead to the same position in time is just a statement.

    So, any proves for effects of time reversal things in quantum mechanics?
    Give me data or let me know how I could explain a student QM with time reversion.

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