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Switching from engineering to physics

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    I am in a program at a community college to get my associates in engineering. I was thinking about changing my major to physics but they dont have a physics program. i was wondering if i could put the classes i take for the associates in engineering towards a bachelors degree in physics.
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    Some of them, like the math and science courses, probably. You need to talk to whoever evaluates transfer credits for physics majors at the school you plan to switch to for the bachelors. The admissions office probably knows who this person is.
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    I don't think it matter because it depends on the school you are going to be transferring to. They don't care if your degree say AA w/ Engineering or AA w/ Physics, they just want to to take the classes you need. For me when I got my AA it did not mater if I a going to be a physics major or engineering because the classes where the same. As long as you can take Physics 1 w/ Calculus and Physics 2 w/ Calculus, which you should be because that is what engineering degrees require, you should be fine.
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    Checking with admissions at the school you want to transfer to is probably the best option. Like jae1227 mentioned, as long as you have the transferable classes/credits the current major does not matter much.
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