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'Symmetrisation Notation' - What is it?

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    I'm reading Hobson, Efstathiou and Lasenby, where on page 490, some notation is used that I am not familiar with.

    In the rather long equation (17.62), some terms contain things like

    [itex] \partial_{(\mu} h^{\rho}_{\nu)} [/itex].

    The author(s) then says "where we have made use of the symmetrisation notation discussed in Chapter 4."

    I've tried looking in Chapter 4 but it's not at all clear what is going on, so I came here :)
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    The indices within the parentheses are understood to be totally symmetrized. So

    hρν) = ½(∂μhρν + ∂νhρμ)
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    Thanks Bill_K!
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