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Table of all physics integrations

  1. Oct 14, 2008 #1
    Im currently studying electrical engineering and unlike in highschool we are using lots of integrals solve physical problems (big surprise:P) Anyway i was wondering if anyone had a table of all integrals to help me see the relationship between different units.

    eg integral(Electric field) = Voltage

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    yea i have one, it's called the entire body of knowledge that is physics.
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    Units can be a particularly annoying subject, especially in electromagnetism where there are a few competing systems of units in (relatively common) use.

    For a discussion of units see Jackson's "Classical Electrodymanics" Appendix on units.

    If you want a list of useful integrals to look at, you could just go through your textbook and write down all the integral equations that appear useful (perhaps starting with the integrals used to define quantities).

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