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Studying Take module on Quantum Computing or Stochastic Mechanics?

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    Hi. I was wondering if you could help me out a bit here.

    I have a choice to take either a module on stochastic dynamics in statistical mechanics or quantum computing for my masters. Both seem really interesting so it’s a close tie between which one has more current/future applications.

    The most stat mech I know is on an undergrad level, but since I have less modules this semester I think I can catch up to the pre requisites with some self reading.
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    The stochastic dynamics course has the broadest set of applications, ranging from astrophysics to much of biophysics and even non-physics disciplines like machine learning.
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    I do not know anything about quantum computing for comparison, but I think stochastic mechanics is interesting. As Crass_Oscillator said astrophysics, plasma physics, some biophysics demonstrates many applications of stochastic mechanics. Many papers by Chandrasekhar are particularly interesting.
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