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Tardigrades are earth's toughest creatures

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    These guys are fascinating and if you've been watching the Cosmos show you'll know about them. Apparently they can live just about anywhere and live in some of the worlds harshest conditions!


    Cute guy too!

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    Oh, I loved those guys!
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    How would toughness be defined scientifically? I'd agree that they are probably the toughest type of animal, but it would be hard to believe that they'd be "tougher" than some bacterial or archaeal species, especially ones that form spores.
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    True, but those spores don't look much like a creature :)
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    Definition of a creature: an animal, as distinct from a human being :biggrin:
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    One of the little guys, alive, under the microscope. Pretty amazing videography.

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    They're very cute. My friend and I used to go around hunting among pond scum and moss under the microscope to find them, but could never find a convincing specimen. Need to give it another go.
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