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What kinds of dangerous/parasite animals are in your area?

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    Summer is almost here and people tend to spend more time outdoors. That is very pleasant and most of us enjoy the sun and warm weather. But there may also be some dangerous creatures, especially in some areas. What are the most common dangerous, venomous or parasite animals in your area?
    In my area, there are thankfully only a few of them compared to the rest of the world. It is not uncommon to meet a bear in the woods and they sometimes visit villages to eat out of garbage bins. You can meet a boar quite often, too. We only have one type of venomous snake living in the mountains that could kill a young child or an adult with weak immune system or heart disease. But that doesn't happen very often. The most common parasite in my area (with the highest % of contamination in the country) is a tick https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tick They are very common and spread encephalitis and borreliosis. Two people I know got borreliosis from them. I only got a tick once in my life as far as I know but our cat and dog get many of them each year from running in tall grass. Recently a person I know got one inside his ear. It hurt and his lymphatic node swell and he didn't know what's going on. Than someone looked inside his ear with a flashlight and there was a big tick. They were able to remove it and the swelling disappeared but the person still has to pay attention to symptoms in case it was contaminated.
    What about your area?
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    I live way too close to you for any differences :wink:
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    In my area pets should be injected with special meds periodically to help control fleas, ticks and other body bugs or parasites as well as to prevent growth of dangerous bacteria that may harm their owners or other people when they get accidentally bitten. Personally, I am more concerned about intestinal parasitic worms since they are a lot more common in my area when food or vegetables are not well cooked or washed. I do take some antiparasitic drugs once per every 6-9 months though.
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    You have also met a bear?! Argh! Why am I the only one who hasn't met one! *throws a tantrum then cries* :cry:

    I think the most dangerous of my place are mosquitoes. It is true that most people survive them. At my place, death caused by flaviviruses is a rarity compared to the amount of population who gets infected and survives them. And it is also true that some people don't even show symptoms of being infected. No fever no nothing, their bodies take care of the virus without making a ruckus.

    But still, even if most people survive, because it is something that has possibilities of killing the host (meaning that it can happen, even if probabilities are low), I'd say it is by far the most dangerous animal of my place.
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    Lol luckily I've only seen bears in the zoo because I don't walk in the woods too often. I don't even pick mushrooms as most people here do. Mushroom picking (is picking correct word?) is considered a national sport here with a few reports of poisoning each year. But I've seen deer and does and heard a boar :-)

    Mosquitoes must be so annoying! I hope you've got some good repellent!
    BTW How's your spider alarm system that you mentioned before?
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    Yes, picking is a correct word. It must be cool to pick mushrooms. You know, all this time I've been calling deers not by the name deer (in English), but by Bambi o0). (In my language I call them by their name, not bambi)

    Look! A bambi!
    -Me in English

    I have a good repellent that says in the package it is natural. I don't believe it is that much natural, but it works.

    Bambi's are not dangerous, are they? I mean deers.
    It's not even in stage 1. I wanted to make that, but I don't have the money to buy the cameras. So it is just a wishful project (and it will probably stay like that for a long time). As a matter of fact, someone littered in front of my house and it makes me so mad that I can't catch who did it because I don't have for cameras. I'm 100% sure it wasn't a bear because bears don't drink energy drinks and because there are no bears in my country.
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    Dr Transport

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    teen age drivers......
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    I live in London The only wildlife we get are foxes (LOTS of them, and they like our garden) and deer in the parks.

    In the part of Sweden where I grew up there are bears and even some wolves(neither are really dangerous to people)....and lots and lots of mosquitoes
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    There was a cougar found inside the city, and a moose wandered into a mall once, but nothing more than that. You have to drive outside the city to find any dangerous wildlife. Inside the city, however, we have Canada's worst drivers. Now that can be dangerous.
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    Ohio: People (obviously) are number one danger. 2 is probably dogs. This is ignoring bacteria and viruses (eg pneumonia is a great killer especially of the old...and there are a couple of food borne bacteria). Supposedly we have a rattlesnake (maybe 1 known fatality ever recorded) and in the south of the state water moccasins. Mosquitoes carry several diseases, as do ticks. I'd guess #3 is white tailed deer. They're so stupid that they hit or get hit by cars leading to traffic deaths. Maybe #4 is bee stings - which are generally only serious if you're allergic. We rarely see black bears, but they're not like the brown/grizzly bears of other places in the USA and almost never a real problem. This is just my guess, we have pretty good statistics, but I'm too lazy to look them up. Actually, I re-read this and think the bee stings might be more dangerous than deer. Malaria used to be a problem 150-200 years ago, but draining the wet-lands all but eliminated the threat long before I was born (which was a long long time ago)
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    Right now I live in new jersey, the worst we have is ticks, but I used to live in the woods of Pennsylvania. I've run into bears many times, there territories are quite large and several of them overlapped on my property. Seen some really big ones, but even the big ones are scaredy cats. They're only dangerous if they have cubs.
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    Reports of bears around San Diego are uncommon and considered anomalous. The most dangerous thing that is still around is probably the rattlesnake. Coyotes are numerous. They often kill and eat people's pets, cats and dogs. The mountain lion or cougar has been seen in San Diego county, and has attacked people elsewhere in California, so it's a rare but real danger.

    Also, we're right on the ocean, and the ocean has it's dangerous beasts: sharks, stingrays, jellyfish. Of these, jellyfish stings are the most common injury and shark bites the least common.
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    Same, I could set my watch by the screeching of foxes at night.
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    In SF we have rattlesnakes, water moccasins, and lion fish (venomous), we have boar, sharks, barracuda, alligators, black bear and panthers. Sharks and alligators are probably the most dangerous. I've only killed one 6 foot rattlesnake in 6 years on my property.
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    Coyotes. Not really dangerous to people but they are a real threat to pets.
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    Vanadium 50

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    Here's a picture of an urban coyote visiting a Quiznos.


    It was a hot day, so the cooler must have been attractive.
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    Wow what an adventurous area :-) must be fun to live there except for the snakes!
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    We have them here in Germany as well.
    Apart from that... there are a few wolves, bears are extremely rare, boars are more frequent but usually avoid contact to humans, too.
    I wonder if you could make it drop products out of the cooler.
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