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Taylor Series/Newton Raphson Method question -Link Fixed

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    Can somebody guide me through this? I know how to apply Newton Raphson Method, but the x^* symbol and "argmin" function are kinda new to me. I am re refering to part (c). Thanks.
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    The asterisk usually refers to the optimal solution (it can also indicate a complex conjugate, but this is not the case :) ).
    "min" refers to the minimum of..., ie "Give me the minimal value of this function".

    "arg" tells you "You calculated the minimum, right? so don't give me the minimal value, but rather give me the argument that yields the minimum". So if you minimize the given function f() and you get a value of f(1,3)=4, for example, you need to return (1,3) and not 4. This also relates to the fact the the left hand side has x* so obviously you need to put there the X coordinates and not the minimal value of the function.
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