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Teach Astronomy in First semester or Second?

  1. Apr 6, 2016 #1
    OKay, so this may be a weird place to post this question, but I value the opinion of the members here whether they are current or former students or current or former teachers.

    I'm setting up an astronomy class for the high school I work at, but unfortunately the way the schedule works is that it will be a semester long class only offered once a year with meteorology being offered the other semester. Is there a semester that in your opinions works better? I'm thinking as far as constellations (central Illinois region), weather, etc.

    1st semester runs late August until mid December.
    2nd semester runs early January until mid May.

    Thanks everyone!
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    I take it you're planning to have your students go outside and do some observations. If those will tend to be earlier in the term, winter semester would work better because the Sun will be setting earlier. As far as weather goes, you probably know better than us.
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    Oh yeah... Duh. It's like I can think of so many things, and something as obvious as this would escape my mind.Thanks for your feedback. This helps my planning so much!
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