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Technique for solving numerical cryptograms?

  1. May 16, 2007 #1
    I'm sure everyone here has seen one of these things some time or another. Where you're given something like...


    ...and then you have to figure out what each letter represents as a number in order to make the solution make sense, and no two letters can equal the same number, and no number in front can equal zero.

    This particular gram that I posted I already know the answer for, but is there a specific way to solve these?

    I was thinking about using a systems of equations somehow, maybe...

    1000s + 100e + 10n + d + 1000m + 100o + 10r + e = 10000m + 1000o + 100n + 10e + y.

    ... however I'm not sure how I'd get enough other equations to substitute!

    There's got to be an easy, mathematical way to do these. Anyone got some ideas?
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