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Homework Help: Tension in a conical pendulum's string

  1. Oct 22, 2006 #1
    The problem:
    Figure 6-43 shows a "conical pendulum", in which the bob (the small object at the lower end of the cord) moves in a horizontal circle at constant speed. (The cord sweeps out a cone as the bob rotates.) The bob has a mass of 0.050 kg, the string has length L = 0.90 m and negligible mass, and the bob follows a circular path of circumference 0.94 m.
    (a) What is the tension in the string?
    (b) What is the period of the motion?

    I found:
    radius of the circle=circumference/2pi
    angle that string makes with vertical=arcsin(r/l)

    I would like very much to find v, but I don't see how using omega will be at all helpful. period=(2)(pi)(r)/v doesn't seem to get me anywhere, either.
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    Whoa, never mind! I searched the forum and found "Conical Pendulum Problem -Right Way of Solving?" and solved the problem correctly. Joy and Jubilation!
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