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Homework Help: Term Paper: Is the brain immunologically privileged?

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    Term Paper: "Is the brain immunologically privileged?"

    I have to write a term paper for my neuroscience class and the theme is "Is the brain immunologically privileged?". According to my professor I have a pretty nice introduction that explains the anatomical aspects of the brain that makes it immunologically privileged but he told me I needed some more work using research papers.

    My question is: what do you guys think I could/should focus on (topic-wise)? I'm dont really know what else I can talk about that will demonstrate the brain is immunologically privileged.

    Thanks, any help is appreciated.
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    Re: Term Paper: "Is the brain immunologically privileged?"

    Ooohh, I have an idea. Are we talking blood brain barrier, etc.?

    You could do a topic on brain cancer and the effectiveness of treatments due to the BBB?

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    Re: Term Paper: "Is the brain immunologically privileged?"

    Yes, the paper is basically about the BBB.

    That's actually a great topic. I was also thinknig about talking how Alzhimer's and some other diseases are involved wit the breakdown of the BBB.
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    Re: Term Paper: "Is the brain immunologically privileged?"


    Ooh, yeah. :D Those sound good!

    I did a project on boron neutron capture therapy a while back (it was legit made awesome by none other than folks here at PF!) and it was a way to bypass the blood brain barrier. Definitely very interesting stuff. Are you at a college? If so, you probably have a subscription to Academic Search Premier/EBSCOHost which has a good amount of science articles; I mean, it's probably not enough for some junior/senior-level stuff, but for most other stuff it's perfect. Here's an article I used:


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    Re: Term Paper: "Is the brain immunologically privileged?"

    Why demonstrate it rather than discuss how it affects medical treatments for diseases of the brain?

    http://linkinghub.elsevier.com/retrieve/pii/S105532070700083X [Broken]


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