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Schools Need An Idea for a Brain Project...

  1. Dec 7, 2016 #1
    Forgive me if this is in the wrong category or if there are any issues, this is my first post.

    My problem is that I need an idea for a brain project, as you may have noticed from the title. The class is a gifted enrichment course which, this year, is focused primarily on the brain. The gist of the project is:
    - Study anything about the brain (ex: addiction, ESP, memory...)
    - Develop a unique application that specifically centers around the brain.

    We have already discussed left brain/right brain in class, so straying away from projects like those would be great.

    The idea for the project can be any grade level, but preferably remaining within a high school level.

    The most important part of this project is the unique application! Ideas for how to apply an idea (in terms of social, political, economic, artistic, etc, applications) would be greatly appreciated!

    Here's an example of a few ideas from previous projects:
    MMORPG should be considered as part of cognitive therapy to combat social anxiety struggles.
    School districts should teach a course on meditative self-talk techniques to help students combat the stress of academics.

    I would like to stray from any typical, expected projects (ex: projects about synesthesia, OCD, ADHD, etc).

    The ideas I have come up with are studying phobias, placebos, and neuroplasticity, but discovering a unique application that isn't already being acted upon is where I am caught up. Any sort of recommendations are welcome.

    I understand that the guidelines are very loose, and I am open to any questions regarding this.

    Thank you!
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    Stephen Tashi

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    In come contexts, "application" means a computer program. What does "application" mean in you situation?
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    An application, as in, some way we can apply this to a scientific/economic/ethical/social/etc issue. For example, you could write about how gum impacts the brain's focus, and your application could be something along the lines of "gum should be used to help people with attention disorders." It's essentially just applying your learned information into some sort of issue, whether it's resolving it or not. Does that make sense?
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    Thanks for the clarification -- I was thinking smartphone "App"...
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    It's difficult to judge upon your information. E.g. you wrote
    which makes it difficult not to run into typical ones. An "easy" project could be to investigate the impact of sports on depressions via endorphins but this is probably one of those "typical".
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    Maybe something involving illusions (optical or other) which can show how information processing in the brain can explain them.
    There are many kinds which show the effects of different perceptual processes.
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