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Testing photoheterotrophic, autotrophic and fermentation of R.rubrum?

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    I need to test photoheteretrophic, autotrophic and fermentation growth of R.rubrum bacteria, all of which require anaerobic conditions. For fermentation, i am placing the bacteria with fructose in the dark, and for phototrophic in the light with fructose, and for autotrophic in the light with nothing. How should I do this to get some quantitative data??

    How do I get anaerobic conditions,and how should i test this?, please help :confused:
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    Have you considered serial dilution and spread plating?
    Have you considered http://ftp.ccccd.edu/dcain/CCCCD%20Micro/gaspakjar.htm" [Broken] culture?
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    Thanks. Unfortunately our school has no equipment such as the GasPak you mentioned :frown:
    However :smile:, the bacteria were put in test-tubes filled with sterile water, then covered with oil. Hopefully things will work out.
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