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TeXnicCenter question (tool-tip) below typing?

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    You guys use TeXnicCenter for writing papers? I think it's pretty good. So when I'm in the process of typing in an equation and I start typing:


    right there, a little yellow window or tool-tip I guess pops in below where I'm typing which looks like the construct for the equation. What do I do with that? Can I somehow select it and the skeleton for the equation construct gets inserted into my document? You guys know?

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    Hi Jackmell,

    Yes, once that pops up, you can hit control-space for it to be inserted.

    However, the tool-tip is actually responding to you typing "equ". So what you need to do, is only the type the "equ" (not the "\begin{" part).

    The one that I find most useful is for figures. Just go to an empty line, type "fig", and then ctrl-space.
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    Thanks a bunch! :)
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    My pleasure! I really like TexnicCenter, but it took me a surprisingly long time to figure out how to do the tooltips.
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