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Textbook on Mathematical Astronomy

  1. Oct 31, 2009 #1
    Does anyone know a good textbook on Astronomy?

    Containing the elliptical quantities:

    a,e,i,w,N,LP,ML,MA,EA,r and v

    and how to convert these quantities to:

    RA, DEC, Azi and Elev

    plus more info about the planets and the stars.
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    Meeus' "Astronomical Algorithms" has all you'd want to know and more.
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    I'd like to expand on my previous reply

    The Meeus book goes into the mathematics of planetary positions and transformation of coordinates between the ecliptic and equatorial systems (and galactic at one point) in detail, along with many, many other topics of a mathematical nature. It is a great resource.

    You would need a second textbook if your interests include things like planetary chemistry, spectral analysis, physical properties of planets and moons etc. Meeus doesn't cover any of this.
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