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The Aesthetics of impossible or unreal physical phenomena

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    I know this may not be a typical question for the Physics board.

    I am a MA Design student working on a project to illustrate experiments on speculative/fictional physical events. My final work will consist of strongly simplified staged experiment lab situations and should touch on the imaginary and fascinating - 'Science Fiction' basically, rather than 'hard facts'.

    Now comes the more tricky part: I'd still like to base some of it on real or at least potentially/theoretically possible physics - and I hope not to be naive and even less ignorant in respect to your work.

    So I was wondering if any of you would like to collaborate in this by suggesting hard to imagine outcomes of physical experiments so I can try to illustrate them from a Sci-Fi Design and artistic point of view.

    Please again, forgive my naiveness - an example could be a time/space warping experiment. I will set up a staged experiment situation and illustrate the moment of such an event taking place during the experiment in a very simplified way. Another example could be the proofing of an object with only one single property, like a color. What could such an object, whose single property is its color 'look' like and behave in what we believe is reality?

    Just let me know your thoughts, or if this is absolutely not in the right place, or if you get totally fed up by such questions - basically any feedback is highly appreciated.
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    You could have for example a "sci fi" laser vaporizing parts of a spacecraft, and use real world physics to create a picture of how the flow of hot gas, particles, et cetera would look. Or is that not what you mean?
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