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The Big Bang theory, and gravity

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    Two questions and theories...
    #1. Gravity
    The sun, a nuclear reactor, holds all the planets in orbit. However, if it's force is strong enough to reach Pluto, billions of miles away. Why then, hasn't Mercury been sucked into the sun?
    My theory is, nuclear reactors, like a blown out candle, forces outward, not inward.
    The Galactic Cosmic Rays, and Bow Shock, as well as the dense heliosphere, are pushing inward. What if it's the combination of these two forces that are holding the solar system in place, and the magnetic fields create the eliptical orbit.

    #2. The Big Bang Theory and BlackHoles.
    Imagine a bouquet of balloons. Some contain nothing but gases, some contain everything it takes to make galaxies. Each balloon being a universe of it's own.
    Blackholes are like vacuum cleaners. Vacuum cleaners not only grab everything within their forces, but also shoot the debris outward, into bags or canisters.
    Now, think of blackholes doing the same. Those balloons that contain galaxies also contain blackholes. Those blackholes are taking in everything they can, and then blasting them out somewhere. Some may be close enough to the next balloon, that they are bursting holes, and shooting the contents of the blackholes, solar clouds, stars, dust particles and light, into the balloon, creating new galaxies.

    I appreciate any thoughts.
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    Mercury is moving fast enough to be in an orbit. It orbits in 88 days.
    I realize you are probably young and new to this, but this idea of yours doesn't meet the standard of being called a "theory" and we don't allow such idle speculation here. In any case, you aren't the first to have ideas similar to this and it is quite clearly wrong. For one thing, those things you listed as causes don't have any properties that even remotely imply what you are suggested. For another, if gravity was an external force, you'd be shielded from it at times and this is not observed.

    No, sorry, the conventional theory of gravity explains things quite well and you'd be better off just learning it instead of making things up as you go along.
    The 'cosmic vacuum cleaner' idea about black holes is a popular bastardization of what black holes really are and what black holes and the big bang are bears no resemblence to your description. Again, you'd be better served by learning what is actually known rather than idly speculating based on things you've heard from poor sources.

    Anyway, sorry, but this thread doesn't meet our content guidelines.
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