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The Elegant Universe questions

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    "The Elegant Universe" questions

    Does quantum mechanics really believe in parallel universe? Do all the physicist have to accept this as the mainstream theory?

    Are the other dimensions in the String Theory spatial?

    Is it possible for the universe to have more undiscovered fundamental forces?

    What causes strings to vibrate in the M theory? And how do we know about their shape? Also, how can something be circular like rubber band if it is only 1 dimensional?

    Even though, string theory is very consistent due to mathematics....would it still be considered a philosophy since it makes to attempts to connect to reality?
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    No. Rumors claim that some interpretations of it did, though.
    QM? Yes. Parallel universes as necessary for qm? I've never heard a physicist claiming that. Parallel universes are mostly popular in boards like this one.

    Most if not all additional dimensions postulated in whatever bsm theories, including string approaches, are spatial.

    Yes. At least I wouldn't know of any theorem restricting the fundamental interactions to those we already know.

    Assuming you meant "no attempts": I would say that string theory does a lot of attempts to connect to reality and experimental results. It is a bit naive to think the stringers wouldn't know themselves that measurable predictions are important.
    I think the problem is more with the complication of doing so and the triviality of the results. If a result is either an electron with a mass of 1 kg or realistic particle masses with no further distinctions from some simpler theory for realistically feasible experiments, then the former result is obviously wrong and the latter result cannot lead to an experimental evidence for string theory.
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    Thanks for the answer, here are a few more questions inspired by watching "the elegant universe".

    What is negative energy? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Composite_particle

    What is a particle? What is a wave? What is the diff.btw them? What is a radiation? What is the diff. btw wave and radiation?

    In the Elegant Universe, Greene talks about how space fabric rips creating a wormhole. How can the space rip?

    Greene also claims that at the temperature when big bang occured, electromagnetism, strong and weak nuclear forces were united. How?

    Thanx a lot.
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    Oh - you watched it.

    After being so excited to tape it, I didn't even sit through the TV show once I saw how perfunctory it was.

    You should read the book. It is 100x more illuminating than the TV show - like the diff between a trailer for a movie - and the movie itself. I found it one of the most mind-stretching books I've read.
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