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The fan mode of an Air Conditioner?

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    Hi friends,

    My air conditioner is a split one (it has 2 parts: one inside the house and the other outside). It has 4 modes of operation: cool, fan, and 2 other modes.

    My question is that what does the machine really do in the fan mode? I wonder whether it just serves as a normal fan (which means it just circulates the air inside the room), or it can help exchange the air inside the room with the outdoor air?

    Thanks for reading my question.

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    ans. In fan mode the cylindrical roller at the bottom of AC spins which regulates the indoor air
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    What are the other two modes?
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    On all of my thermostats they were COOL, FAN, HEAT and AUTO. The fan does exactly what you think, it is intended to simply circulate the air and run it through your furnace filter. A lot of people advocate doing this.
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    Thank you for your answers. So the pipe connecting the indoor and outdoor units is of no use in this mode? I guess that this pipe is only used to transfer the coolant gas, and hence is only used in the cool mode, am I correct?

    I don't know, because in the remote control, the modes are displayed as symbols, not text. Indeed I have never tried those modes before.
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    sounds like you have a window unit. Thats what I cool with, too (I believe they end up being more efficient than central systems) It seems as though the fan only recirculates the air in the room. Some window units also have a vent mode, where you can open an internal door between both sides. On mine the modes are: low cool, high cool, economy mode, and fan

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    Oh. I made the assumption (bad I know) that it was a central unit. Whoops.
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    No the OP said it was a split system: a central air handler with remote condenser.
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    Something like the Mitsubishi's that I help install. Very efficient and stylish units I might add.
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    I have an air conditioner unit. It sits on the windowsill of my apartment. The maker appears to be a registered trademark named Simplicity. The unit has the two modes, air conditioner mode and fan mode. It seems to have a control for three speeds, high, medium and low. Then there is a control to make two blades glide back and forth. I should think those are to circulate the air inside the apartment here? These blades have a switch for close and open. The unit has what looks like a timer control, it is a button with a clock symbol. I guess that is so the air conditioner goes on and off at a specified hour. There are the important temperature controls. One control that has got me a little confused is a button with a picture of a pointing finger. Pressing that seems to turn off the fan or air conditioner. Is that for turning off those functions while keeping the unit active? The power on/off switch I understand. Any information is welcome to illuminate my understanding.
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