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Buying a perfect air conditioner for my room

  1. Jun 3, 2013 #1
    Hey Guys,

    I'm not a physics student, not a physics lover but so admire those people that know physics!! Well thats why i come here for this question: what kind of air conditioner can help my room exchange fresh air? Does the Fan mode in every air conditioner intake fresh air or not?

    Here is the background: I have a very small bedroom (100-150 sq ft) with only one window (no central AC) in NYC. I desperately need a air conditioner for the summer but I'm worried about not being able to get fresh air whenever I want with only one window! I've did some research and knew that window-mounted air conditioner only circulates air in the room but not intake fresh air. Therefore I got a portable air conditioner knowing it will be easy for me to open the window -- but it turned out to be a disaster! Because portable air conditioner creates this huge negative air pressure in my room so the air is coming everywhere from under my door, any cracks in my window. The worst is since my living room is smelly (with cat litters and all the cooking smell), my room also sucks in all the smells and bad airs from the living room! As a result, I returned the portable air conditioner and knew that it is not going to work for me.

    So what kind of small windeow AC can I get to keep me cool and also provide me the option to exchange fresh air if i want? Is it possible? Does the Fan only mode intakes fresh air? I know i'm not going to die from running out of oxygen but I'm just so get used to having fresh air in my room.

    Thanks everyone! Hope my explanation is clear enough..
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    Hi and welcome to PF!
    You should be able to find lots of window mount air conditioners that offer an option to take in outside air.
    These models usually have a damper that you can open or close, depending on whether you want to bring in outside air or just recirculate room air.
    So you have to actually kick the tires to make sure that you get what you need.
    In your circumstances, with unpleasant smells an issue, you may want to get a blower to help move air out of your room, in addition to the A/C. Alternatively, maybe put some weather stripping on your door to cut down on the air flow/smell.
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    Thanks etudiant for your reply! After doing some research, I did find a lot of window unit that have the damper you mentioned that can control venting. But unfortunately all the ones that have such function are for big rooms with big BTUs.....wonder if anyone knows the Fan mode brings in fresh air in a small air conditioner even without the venting option?
    Sealing my door better is a good suggestion! Thanks for that!
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    Perhaps you can set up your portable A/C unit so that it sits outside your room and pumps the cool air in.
    If your window gives on a fire escape, park the unit there and lead the duct into your room. You might have to jury rig something to seal off the rest of the open window, but it would give you clean, cool air and in room overpressure, helping keep out kitty odors. Just make sure the unit is weather sealed.
    Alternatively, check out Costco or Home Depot, they frequently have dirt cheap A/C units and if the price is right, you don't care if it is overpowered, that is why these units have thermostat settings.
    Best of luck!
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    Portable A/C already returned by OP.
    If the smells overwhelm you, adopt out the cat, lose the litter box, and only cook meals where you can stand the aroma. (Who eats food which smells vile when it is being cooked?) If that is not feasible, may I suggest a can of air freshener and a fan to blow the odors out of the bedroom.
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    Why not separate the AC from the outside air? Just put a fan in the window next to the AC unit. (not that I think bringing in outside air is a good idea here...)
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