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The Great Outdoors

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    Yes, and there's another segment that shows coming out of the strip of trees, and running into a shadow.
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    :ok:... I see that.

    BTW, nice pictures... pretty rough looking country, too.
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    Yep. It was pretty challenging, especially since we're not spring chickens. I just turned 72, and my buddy Steve just turned 63, and had a hip replacement four years ago.

    There were basically three sections: hiking up a trail for 13 miles, going from 800' to about 5000'; 5 miles cross country (as in the pictures); 4 miles hiking down a trail from about 5300' down to 1600'. The most challenging part was figuring out the best way to get up to the ridge that led us to our lake destination. Once on the ridge, it was relatively smooth sailing. Another difficult part was trying to follow animal trails though about a one mile section of forest that burned six years ago.
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