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The meaning of a symbol in Atomic Theory

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    I happened across this little thing in a formula and I cant find what it stands for in any book/ website :confused: I think it stands for the ground state of an element, but I want to clarify first :smile:

    The symbol is E0

    Its in this formula, which is derived from the energy of an electron.

    E0 = [itex] \frac {e^4 m} {32 \pi^2 \ hbar^2\epsilon^2} [/itex]
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    Doc Al

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    Yes, that's the energy of the ground state of a hydrogen atom, in the Bohr model.
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    Thats perfect thank you :)

    And then, im assuming, E_1 would be the next energy state and so on.
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    E_1 depends on context. It could mean an adjustment in the energy in perturbation theory.
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    well... in the context of the energy of an electron :smile:
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    That's not enough context.
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    If you define it that way, yes. The author of the book or paper should define his terms. There are only a few that are universal.
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