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The Mechanical Universe And Beyond - Physics Lectures Online

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    "The Mechanical Universe...And Beyond" - Free Physics Videos Online

    My physics (Thermo and E&M) professor recommended the following set of lectures from Annenberg Learner, produced by CalTech in 1985:

    The Mechanical Universe...And Beyond.

    Scroll down and click the "VoD" button to the right of the video you want to watch. Make sure you've disabled popups for www.learner.org or you might not get the window in which the videos are shown.

    I'm sure a link to these videos is buried somewhere on PF, but I figured it might be a good idea to put this out there just in case. I've really enjoyed watching these videos. Of course, they won't magically make you a master of physics after watching all 52, half-hour videos. However, they're great at giving the history and motivation behind the discoveries of many of the fundamental concepts in physics. They don't require a heavy background in mathematics or the sciences to appreciate, thus are great to share with non-science friends and family. My wife and I have been watching at least one every night for the past week or so.

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    Thanks for sharing this videos, I am sure to check them out when I get a better internet connection.

    However, wouldn't this be more appropriate being posted in Math and Science Learning Materials? At least also posting this in that forum as well.
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