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B The Milky Way's Dark Twin Revealed

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    A galaxy as massive as the Milky Way emits only 1% as much light.

    Link: Nature.
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    Interesting article, thanks. I expected a connection with dark matter, however it appears to me they are saying something along the lines of the stars never ignited unlike in typical formation areas. Am I getting it wrong?
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    The galaxy is mostly dark matter. But for some reason, it never made many stars--maybe because it lost its gas before it could, or maybe because it was spinning so fast its gas was too spread out to do so.
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    Cool, thanks. It will be interesting to see what discoveries come from studying the area.
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    Fervent Freyja

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    Why dark twin? It isn't even an exact copy- they just compliment each other. Why not romanticize the discovery and call it the mysterious mate or dark lover or at least something else more exciting?
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