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The moon moves in a near-circular orbit around earth

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    examine the truth of the statement

    "the moon moves in a near-circular orbit around earth. because the earth is so much more massive, it own motion is not appreciably affected by the moons presence"

    plz help
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    this does not belong in "cosmology", but rather in "general astronomy"

    the mass of the moon is about 1/81 times the mass of the earth

    In the course of a month, the earth and moon revolve around a common center of mass
    which is close to the center of the earth---within about 3000 miles I reckon.
    so the earth's motion is hardly noticeable

    so in its trip around the sun, the earth WOBBLES a little because of it and the moon doing this monthly circling around each other.
    but that wobble is very slight

    like you whirling something on a string----something that only has a mass of 2 pounds, or 1/80 of your mass. You are going to wobble a little as you whirl it---but you hardly notice that, most of the moving is done by the less massive thing.

    please put questions like that in General Astronomy
    or if it is a homework school problem then it should be in "Homework Help" section
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    thanks 4 da help
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