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The most beautiful song from a video game

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    This (in my opinion) is the most beautiful, relaxing, and soothing song from any video game in history.

    Video game music has really come a long way.

    From the game Deus Ex Human Revolution.

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    I don't know about beautiful, relaxing, and soothing, but this is one of my favorite video game songs:
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    My favorite video game song:


    Granted, I don't have much of a selection. I have a handful of sports video games and that's about it. You could probably guess which sport this song's from just because it's in a foreign language.

    But I have noticed there's some good songs on video games. My favorite lyric from a video game song:

    "Life's a game, but it ain't fair
    I break the rules, so I don't care"
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    The Tomb Raider series is well known for it's music. Some examples:







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    You're all crazy. The best is of course Baba Yetu. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zvn10hTMBqA&feature=youtube_gdata_player
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    Need For Speed World - Christmas at the golf course:


    Need For Speed World - one of the free roam songs:

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    From 1995, ending credit song from Alone In The Dark 3:

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    Companies that make video games have spent a lot of money to hire big-name composers like Hans Zimmer to make orchestral compositions for their games.

    Hans Zimmer did music for games like Call of Duty, Crysis, and a few others. He mostly creates music for blockbuster Hollywood movies which has earned the nickname "lord of the soundtrack" by his fans.
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    The Sweet Apple Acres Theme from Legends of Equestria is very relaxing:
    I'm also partial to many of the tracks from the Heroes of Might and Magic Series. The Rampart Theme is nice.
    Also, Roland's Theme is short, but memorable.
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    Here is mine:
    It's not a song but it's very relaxing and beautiful.
    I don't like songs anyways.
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    I like the Tomb raider songs too, but also the legend of Zelda songs are quite nice. I never played the game, have just listened to them.
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    I really like several tracks from Koji Kondo (themes from the Zelda and Mario series), some are just mind blowing.
    Some of the Jet force Gemini's game. Continuing with Nintendo, some songs of Donkey Kong and Banjo-Kazooie are really awesome too.
    Morrowind's theme for pc games. Better than both Skyrim's and Oblivion's for my taste.

    I am willing to give many concrete examples if someone ask for it, else just youtube them :)
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    Good one, it kind of reminds me of parts of the Inception soundtrack. (bookmarked! :biggrin:) I like this one, which is also happens to be from the Deus Ex series

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    The first "song" that immediately came to mind for "beautiful, soothing, relaxing" was this one: There's no singing, but I can't think of any actual songs from video games.

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    Heroes IV got some great music actually.

    My favorite:
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  19. Sep 12, 2014 #18
    By oscar-winning orchestral composer Hans Zimmer.

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    I love the original legend of Zelda theme song. :thumbsup:
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